What is our skill set

BSPM Energy Consultancy is company of specialist engineering and energy consultants. BSPM Energy key tool is to provide a complete energy advisory services for businesses & building owners. We utilize our expert knowledge with energy modelling software to provide cost-effective solutions to all of our clients.

Commercial Energy Audits

We carry out detailed Commercial Energy Audits taking a cohesive approach to identify solutions for each building. Our team of engineers will identify large-scale energy savings projects through innovative solutions using established technologies. BSPM Energy has a vast experience in evaluating existing buildings that are significant energy users and identifying appropriate energy-saving measures. Following scheduled energy audit we have specific skills in apportioning budget costs and high-level estimates cost that can relate to opportunities for the client. The costs plus summary graphs of annual utility bills will be created in a detailed report to illustrate the key opportunities that can be taken by the client. The main way in which we derive these opportunities is by modelling the building through IES analysis to establish the heat loss calculations of the building and this in return goes us overall concept design scheme that can be illustrated to the client. Once client understands the energy upgrade works and financial benefits then we proceed with detailed design, tendering documentation development.  

Energy Management

We work with multiply experts in collating energy monitoring data that will give the end user a true reflection of energy consumption, cost per kilowatt in cents and any potential surplus that will be created from e.g Solar PV. The process of energy management monitoring is something we are really passionate about, and it leads to a lot more efficient, lean businesses in relation to understanding the buildings true usage per day, week, month, quarter and annually. We gather all this information via an energy monitoring dashboard that portrays the live usage of the building so the technical and non-technical senior m

Building Services Design
& Project Management

BSPM offer the full turnkey package which means when we engage with a new client, we commence the entire process with a detailed technical assessment or energy audit of the fabric and services upgrade opportunities. Once we establish with the client the critical upgrade measures available, we break it down into a full sustainability phased plan, sometime this could be over a 3–5-year period. We are responsible for the design, installation, delivery, commissioning and hand over of the systems. If appropriate we will also insert these grouped measures into a grant aided commercial government scheme which can be beneficial to the client if approved. We produce full tender schematics, drawings, tender documents& specifications for all elements and these go out for pricing to competent contractors. All major plant is designed, procured inline with targeted commencement dates. We work very closely with specialist suppliers to engineer the design, installation and commissioning is performed to the best in class.

Project Delivery

The project lead will develop project delivery program schedules for the contractors in advance of tender works commencing which will give a specific focus on commencement dates, tasks durations , milestones targets and completion dates. This brings a certain level of direction for the design team, contractors and of course the client. A lot of these projects can be conducted under difficult tight period so the program is also beneficial so we can make engineers available for commissioning and hand over, so targets are delivered.

Health and Safety

The contractors and business staff Health and Safety is paramount during a project so detailed method statements and risk assessments are task specific so all operatives are made aware of the works, these will be drafted by the appointed contractors and approved by our team prior to works.

Measurement and Verification

Measurement & Verification (M&V) is the process of using measurement to reliably determine actual savings created by implementing an Energy Conversation Measure (ECM) within a facility. As savings cannot be directly measured, the savings can be determined by comparing measured use before and after implementation of a project, making appropriate adjustments for changes in conditions.
Various protocols for good practice in Measurement and Verification exist, most notably the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) which defines common terminology and the key steps in implementing a robust M&V process.

Measurement and verification services are generally performed by installing and maintaining energy meters,developing methods for estimates and computation, gathering data, and report the verified results. A team that applies this tool correctly will get a clearer picture of how the building works, where the energy is been used, and what changes are best for the future.


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Client Liaison

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